• One cup grated bread - use the wide part of your grater. Don't pulverize the bread.
  • minced parsley
  • heaping table spoon of finely grated hard cheese - pecorino or parmesan
  • a turn or tow of the pepper mill
  • olive oil enough to wet but not soak the entire mix. It should remain fluffy and not become a paste
  • optional - rinsed & minced salted capers, a splash of brandy or a squeeze of lemon, very little minced garlic (half teaspoon)


Fluff it all together with your hand and spoon onto the clam - don't pack it down. Bake until golden. Should be plenty for a dozen cherry stones. The gratin I make for fresh scallop is excellent and doesn't hide the flavor of the bivalve. You can do the same with clams...