• 500 grams spaghetti (a good thick one)
  • 150 grams grated French bread (and not seasoned bread crumbs)
  • 1/2 cup + of olive oil
  • 8 anchovies
  • 4 sections of garlic - crush
  • fist of parsley
  • peperoncino (to taste)
  • salt


Rinse anchovies (if salted) and pull off bones. Heat oil, add garlic and hot pepper…. let garlic color, turn off heat and add the anchovies and smash in the oil with a fork until disintegrated then add chopped parsley. In a separate pan heat up two table spoons of olive oil, when hot add the bread crumbs and toast… don’t burn. When the pasta is cooked, strain add to pan with anchovy “sauce”, toss, add bread crumbs, serve. I would drink a chilled Tokai with this… maybe even a cold beer.