• Risotto with broth
  • Salt & pepper
  • Saffron
  • Grated cheese
  • Butter
  • Raw egg
  • Filling of choice


Make a pot of risotto simply with broth - s&p to taste - saffron. Verso la fine add grated cheese and butter AND a raw egg and "mantecare" as you would a normal risotto. Let cool enough to work it with your hands. Prepare your filling of choice: Now you can either make little aracini - about one inch or a little bigger or you can make a little bigger than hard ball sized ones. In the little ones you roll the cool rice into a ball and jam some pieces of cheese into it, for the big ones you should prepare a sauce. The sauce can be bechamel with peas and ham or a red sauce using fegatini di pollo or whatever - it has to be dense . Breading: flour, egg and bread crumbs. Wet you hands to work the rice - keep a bowl of water next to were you are working. Put some rice in one hand, make an indentation, spoon your filling in and get more rice to close, form a ball. Dredge the balls in flour, roll into slighted salted egg mixture and bread. Let them sit the frigo for about two hours (or more). Fry in abundant hot oil.