• Small/medium size eggplants


Get your skillet hot. Wash but don't peel the egg plant, nor do you have to salt / purge it. Cut wheels about half inch each and cut only what you are going to put into the pan. That is, don't cut ahead. When the pan is hot put just a tablespoon of olice oil in it, spread it about and then lay your egg plant wheels in. Lightly salt and wait until they brown, darken on the bottom. Before turning them flatten lightly with a fork - to break the surface and let water come out/up. Make sure your pan is oiled and turn them over. As you move the batches out onto a dish add a bit of oregano and cut more wheels.  Don't cut to may egg plant wheels ahead of time because they'll turn brown on you. You may want to serve them with a bit of balsamic. They're good to top your hamburgers. They'll taste better tomorrow. 1 more thing..... carrots. Julian carrots length wise and do fist fulls of them in hot and salty olive oil. Do them till they are nearly black. OR - Julian a pound of them and bake the shit outta them - oil and salt until they are more than done. If you like spring onions around I'll tell you a cool way to tuen them in to a tasty side dish.